The Death Show

Brought together initially by a shared fear of death, Lucy and Antonia are embarking on a new performance-based research and development project called ‘The Death Show’.

The Death Show will fundamentally be an exploration of society’s relationship with death and dying. Death (as we all know) is an inevitable fact of life, and one of the few experiences that
unites all people, cultures and societies. It’s something we are confronted with everyday, so why is it still considered such a taboo?

Despite the stereotypes, we don’t believe that death should be seen as morbid, macabre, ghoulish, weird, abnormal, unhealthy, sick, gruesome, unwholesome, disturbing, melancholic and most importantly unmentionable.

We will be considering this and taking some time out to discuss and explore death and our fleeting mortality. Perhaps it’s time we reinvented death? So let’s start by discussing the d-word…

Join in the conversation on Twitter: @The_Death_Show


We are really excited and grateful to be working with partners across the arts and death sectors, to explore how we can have better conversations about death and dying.

A ‘work in progress’ version of the show will be performed at mac, Birmingham in March 2017.

This project is supported by mac, Birmingham, A Natural Undertaking, BrumYODO, Fair Oaks Day
Hospice (Walsall Palliative Care Centre), The Sir Barry Jackson Trust and Arts Council England.

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