How To Be Hopeful – new podcast recording on hope and death with Antonia and Lucy

"Death is not the enemy of hope"

Back in May, we were delighted to take part in Bernadette Russell’s new podcast ‘How to be Hopeful’. This podcast is available to listen to now, and in advance of the release of Bernadette’s new book ‘How to be Hopeful’ which will be published on the 10th September 2020.

Exploring the idea of hope from a number of different perspectives, Bernadette’s new podcast features conversations with a broad range of speakers who share their thoughts on hope and discuss how hope relates to their lives in terms of work, community, faith, humanity, spirtiuality, relationships and the enivroment (to name a few!). We were so pleased to be asked to take part in this podcast and to talk with Bernadette about our thoughts on death and hope.

As part of our episode, we discussed how to be hopeful in the face of the certainty of death, and how hope allows us “to keep trying, to keep going and to carry on”. We also talked about Sisyphus, animals, getting to know our neighbours better and the joy of small pleasures. 

‘How to be Hopeful’ is a beautiful podcast and we loved being a part of it. Check out our episode on death and hope (season 1 epsidoe 8), and the other episodes that Bernadette has recorded.
You can also pre-order Bernadette’s latest book ‘How to be Hopeful’ now via Hive or wherever you get your books.
Huge congratulations to our lovely friend Bernadette!
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