A Podcast about Death… Why?!?

We are absolutely delighted to launch The Death Show podcast. This is a podcast all about the D-word. Death. A subject matter that we seem to find difficult to talk about, despite the very real fact that it is something that eventually happens to all of us.

We’re on a mission to get more people talking about death, because the more we talk about it the less it becomes fearful. So, we hope you’ll join us for these 5 episodes, starting on Thursday 16 January 2020, where we’ll peek behind the velvet curtain and lift the veil on the subject of death. (If you can’t wait until then a taster is available now – just follow the links below…)

Prior to launching The Death Show podcast, we spent 3 years making The Death Show as a theatre production, which toured the UK from 2018  and into 2020. In making the show we spent months immersing ourselves in the world of death, and gathered a huge amount of research from the experiences (extraordinary and everyday) that we were able to take part in. Over the years, we’ve also had many, many conversations with professionals and members of the public about their thoughts on death, demonstrating to us that we need to find ways to have and support conversations about death and dying. We’ve found that people do want to talk about death, and we need to rapidly move away from the suggestion that talking about death is morbid or a taboo.

The show offered us the opportunity to look at some very specific areas of death and dying, namely death anxiety, and this felt appropriate to our theatre production as it reflected our own experiences and something that we wanted to personally and professionally understand and potentially find answers to.

However, in narrowing down our focus, we left behind a huge amount of other research and conversations, and we were determined to find another way in which we could share this with people beyond the show. Being avid podcast listeners ourselves, we felt the podcast platform offered us an exciting and accessible way of sharing our work beyond the stage and opening it up so we could have different conversations with people about death and dying.

Death is such a broad topic, and we felt it would be a great subject matter for a podcast. Some might choose to join us at a theatre or arts centre to see the show, but this podcast offers everyone the opportunity to join our conversations, regardless of whether they like theatre, or are able to access our performances.

We are very excited to launch this new podcast and we absolutely loved making the episodes, which offer listeners a range of practical advice, personal stories, and some very funny reflections on life, our own mortality and the Grim Reaper. We spoke to two undertakers, a paramedic winchman, a skydiving psychologist and a war reporter. We also start the series by giving listeners a backstage pass to some of our thoughts on death and dying, some background on our motivation for making the show and the chance to hear a little snippet of the script. In choosing our first guests, we wanted to start this podcast with conversations with people who face (or have faced) death on a regular basis, whether this is in a professional, philosophical or psychological sense. We are very thankful to our guests who are all doing amazing work in their fields and were incredibly generous with their time.

From Thursday 16 January our five #TDSPod Podcasts in the series will be launched weekly, every Thursday. Listen and subscribe via:

The Death Show Podcast was:

Produced by ASFB Productions
Theme song co-written by Spence Cater with Arbie J  www.spencecatermusic.com
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

We hope you find listening to the podcasts as enlightening and enjoyable as we did making them.

Antonia and Lucy x

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